My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with John on numerous occasions over the last 10 years.

John was very thorough in reviewing our wishes and making recommendations regarding additional components that should be included in our end-of-life binders including wills and power of attorney documentation.

We continue to consult with John for legal advice regarding lease agreements and matters related to family law.

The quality of John's service is excellent as he is thorough, professional, prompt, personable and takes an ardent interest in making sure your concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.

– Melissa and David

I was looking for a lawyer and was calling around a bit. Jeff Kulick was by far one of the most responsive and caring lawyers I’ve spoken too. He truly has a passion for what he does and has a personality, allowing him to understand what you’re going through as a client. I was stuck with having a tenant that would not pay rent and would be damaging to my property and through the anti eviction moratorium Jeff was very knowledgeable on how to perform the execution of this task. He handled everything for me and I was almost completely hands off in the situation. Jeff rectified this situation for me and put my mind at ease. I would recommend Jeff and his team to anyone. There are not many like him left out there!

– Dominic E.

John Kulick, ESQ is an intricate part of my personal and professional Trust Team. With the desired results, Mr. Kulick has successfully handled many complex matters for my business and individual legal needs.

Kulick Law is a dedicated team of professionals that genuinely care about their clients and are driven to care about your legal matters as much as you do.

The Brothers Kulick can quickly understand your unique needs and create a path to attain the appropriate outcome.

Without a moment of hesitation, I highly recommend the professionals at The Kulick Law Firm for your legal needs.

– Tom

I was charged with a DUI crash in 2019. I was seeking representation in this criminal case. I talked with several different people whom work in professional places. They insisted that I should contact the Kulick Law Firm. I soon after contacted the firm and they gave me an appointment to come in and talk about the case. I brought my paperwork and they went over everything with me. They were very professional and informed me what I could be facing. As my court dates arrived, my attorney was there through everything and kept me informed at all times. I was very pleased with the outcome due to having great representation. If you are ever in any unfortunate situations with law enforcement I would highly recommend contacting the Kulick Law Firm without a doubt and speaking with Jeff or John.

– Rudy M.

I was looking for a lawyer to handle a very involved divorce. I knew John through some mutual contacts and heard he was very good. John was able to help me navigate a lot of the legal language that I was confused about and was able to draw up a contract that benefited me. You can certainly tell it's not their first rodeo. John was able to identify all the things that would be potential problems and had a plan of attack for all of them. I would recommend them to anyone looking to be happily divorced.

– A.M.

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