Pennsylvania Child Support Attorney

Pennsylvania Child Support Attorney

Every parent has a financial obligation to provide for their children — and child support payments can be critical to ensuring that a child’s needs are met. However, the laws surrounding child support can be complex and it’s essential to have a child support attorney by your side who can ensure these payments are fair and meet the best interests of your children. At The Kulick Law Firm, LLC, we understand how stressful and overwhelming a child support matter can be. Our legal team is dedicated to providing solid advice, compassionate counsel, and aggressive advocacy for a wide variety of child support issues.

Understanding Pennsylvania Child Support

Child support is court-ordered payment made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. In Pennsylvania, child support typically continues until a child is 18 years old or graduates high school, whichever is later. In some cases, it can be extended, such as if a child is attending college or they have special needs. Pennsylvania child support is based on an “income shares” model which considers the number of children and the income of the parents in calculating payments. However, the court assumes that the custodial parent is already spending money to support the child.

A judge can adjust a child support award based on the following factors:

  • Unusual needs and fixed obligations
  • Other support obligations
  • Other household income
  • The age of the child
  • Assets and liabilities of the parents
  • Medical expenses
  • Standard of living
  • Other factors, including the best interests of the child

Child support matters can be legally complicated and emotionally overwhelming. At The Kulick Law Firm, our child support attorney team evaluates each case individually and gives it the personal attention it deserves. Our attorneys take the time to explain your legal rights and work to obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Whether your child support case is negotiated outside of court in mediation or litigation is required, we have the acumen necessary to secure the results you need.

Reliable Representation for Pennsylvania Child Support Matters

Regardless of whether you are the parent who is paying or receiving child support, navigating the legal process associated with these matters can be complicated. But it isn’t always necessary to go to court. In many cases, parents can work together to reach an agreement regarding child support without leaving the determination up to a judge. In the event parents cannot reach a settlement, the case will need to be litigated in the courtroom.

At The Kulick Law Firm, our child support attorney team is committed to representing clients for a wide array of Pennsylvania child support issues, including those involving the following:

  • Pursuing child support in divorce or separation — We assist clients with establishing child support as part of their divorce or separation agreements.
  • Defending against child support claims — We provide representation to clients who have been served with a petition for nonpayment.
  • Mediating, negotiating, and litigating child support matters — Our attorneys know what it takes to resolve child support matters amicably through mediation or negotiations and have considerable experience litigating these matters in the courtroom.
  • Obtaining child support modifications — We offer skillful counsel to clients seeking modifications of court-ordered child support based on a material change in circumstances.
  • Enforcing child support — If a non-custodial parent fails to make child support payments, we provide aggressive advocacy to enforce the court order.
  • Child support contempt — Our attorneys defend parties who are facing contempt and represent those who wish to seek contempt for nonpayment of child support.
  • Collecting child support arrears — We offer counsel to clients for child support arrears matters.
  • High-income child support cases — Our legal team understands the nuances of high-income child support cases and works with clients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

A parent may not unilaterally make changes to a child support order or simply stop paying without approval by the court. But it’s vital to understand that child support orders aren’t always set in stone. There may be situations that arise warranting an upward or downward modification. If there is a material change in circumstances, such as unplanned job loss, disability, illness, or a change in child custody, a court may consider a child support modification request.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling some of the most complex child support matters. We make sure you fully understand your rights and options as we guide you through the legal process associated with your case. Our clients can rest assured that when they are represented by The Kulick Law Firm, they have an unwavering advocate on their side who will strive to protect their interests and help ensure the needs of their children are met.

Contact an Experienced Pennsylvania Child Support Attorney

If you are facing a child support issue, it’s important to have a knowledgeable family law attorney by your side to safeguard your rights. Located in Exeter, Pennsylvania, The Kulick Law Firm, LLC provides diligent representation and adept advocacy to clients throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania for a broad scope of child support matters. Call (570) 203-2756 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help.